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well tonight was great! i went to the rosenburg's (spelling?? :S) and we had an awesome time at War Of The Worlds!

Sarah R- your fam is awesome! i'll have to hang out with you guys more often. i had a blast!
Hailey- don't worry.. robbie is ALRIGHT! lol so go find your cave, you ninja.

well i hope i got things cleared up with everything. i'm friends with two people who don't really care for each other (in nice words) and i hope both understand that i still want to be both of their friends but not caught in the middle of a fight or something. those people should know who they are..

my sister found a chick to share an apartment. she seems pretty cool from what i hear, and savannah said we'll have lots of fun, so she must be cool enough.

i'm already stressed for school starting. i'm trying to figure out how i'm going to have a job, go to school, and play sports. i have a lot of hard classes next year, so i'll need LOTS of time to study, and then sports are going to take up after school. then work is after that and on weekends.. i don't know how i'm going to do it! i mean, i guess it was good for me to have zero hour 2 years in a row.. so i'm use to getting up at 6 and now i'll have to get up at 7.. so i'll have an extra hour before school starts.

okay, enough talk about school. it's just getting me more worked up! i'm really excited about school shopping though! lol i love it! and the crazy thing is, is that my little brother likes it too.. it's the only time he likes to go shopping.. crazyness i know. my family is just messed up. lol

Sarah S- hey, sorry i called when you were sleeping and about to leave. whenever you get a chance, just call me and we'll figure something out, you have my number!
Maisie- whenever you want to hang out, just call and we'll set a date.
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You like the ones that understand you.

What kind of guy are you most attracted to?
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You're a romantic girl. You're kind, caring,
loveing, and peaceful. You spend a lot of your
time dreaming and you're not afraid to express
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or words. You hope for love and affection from
your prince charming. I have a feeling he will
come around soon.

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beautiful winged angel
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You are a Samurai.
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frank sinatra is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
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There are many many crazy things
That will keep me loving you
And with your permission
May I list a few

The way you wear your hat
The way you sip your tea
The memory of all that
No they can’t take that away from me

The way your smile just beams
The way you sing off key
The way you haunt my dreams
No they can’t take that away from me

We may never never meet again, on that bumpy road to love
But I’ll always, always keep the memory of

The way you hold your knife
The way we danced till three
The way you changed my life
No they can’t take that away from me

this is one of my favorite songs that i've heard of his. is so romantic how he sings about the little things that a guy would notice about a girl, and in my point of view.. this is the perfect guy! his music reminds me of fairy tales, with the music and his voice together, it really is beautiful to listen to.
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today i got a frank sinatra cd! woo hoo! i've wanted one for a while now.. but just haven't gotten up the strength to go and get it. it was only like... 9.92! yeah! so yeah, i haven't talked to randy all day today but i did get to hang out with him all last night, so it's all good. so yeah.. i'm really bored today. the fam and i went out to eat at red lobster and i ate so much! it's crazy. i feel so fat! lol but thats alright because i'm just chillin here with frank.

hailey.. "i get a kick out of you!"

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i find my life extremely pathetic at times like this. this is when i realize that i really don't have any friends. of course i have some, but not as many as i would like to have. i realized all of this when i was sitting here at home, all alone, on the 4th of july.. with no plans what so ever. and i mean, come on, there has got to be something wrong with a 17 yr. old female ,who is going to be a senior, and has no plans for one of the biggest holidays of the year. i was out at chinook campground with the family, well my mom, dad, and little sister, buried in a book all day. when i finished the book i had nothing to do so i came home to be by myself. randy is out with his family, hailey is gone somewhere, karly isn't home, savannah is out somewhere with her friend and her friends kid, jeff is with david in grand haven, and we all know that i'm not going to hang with jeff if david is ANYWHERE in the area. so now i have to resort to watching disney movies and getting fat.
thats another thing. i realized that i'm getting a stomach. so i decided to eat more healthier.. like salads, even though i absolutely HATE salads.. but they're suppost to be good for you, right? and i'm going to start doing two pilate's videos a day, provided by my mother, as well as walking at least every other day. i think i'm doing it all, yes to lose weight, but secondly to have something to do this summer. i don't do a god damn thing. i eat and sit around all day. that's considered nothing. so yes, this is one lonely 4th of july.
and another thing that i realized is that i really miss my boyfriend. i know that sounds stupid, but it seems like i got to see him more during school then i get to now. if he's not at work, he's either playing pool or hanging out with his friends. and then i get to see him usually twice a week. now, i'm not complaining, i'm glad i get to see him at all! but i just wish that i could see him more often. i think one of the reasons why he doesn't want to hang out with me that much is he thinks that we're "fighting too much" when it's not even a fight. there are examples but i would rather not go into detail. it's to depressing for me to think about.
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tonight was fun!
me and hailey went to see Bewitched.. fun fun fun.
then we went to the beach and it was kinda creepy with the dark water and all.
but it was great fun.
then on the way home we rocked out her pimpin van! haha
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Toxic.. pathetic i know
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i never realized that in an instant, you could actually change your mind about something that you thought would stay the same forever. i don't know what to do! if anyone has any advice on guys and life.. i would greatly appreciate it! lol and no, don't get the idea that me and randy broke up, because we're doing good still!
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mandi is totally right.. and thats how women should be treated! i mean honestly! men think we're the bitches, but we only act that way when we are treated like shit! if we were treated like that all the time, mandi, we both know that life would be perfect! haha

yeah, so i'm having problems now. i'm not going to say on here.. but having them. and i don't really know what to do about it. but then again, none of you reading would know how to help me because you don't know what my problem is!! haha i'm tricky like that.. hehe

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