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i know i pretty much said the same thing in the last journal.. but i don't think that anyone even uses this anymore.. but if someone knows, then let me know! yeah, so about two months ago, my life was totally turned upside down. i was with someone that made me completely happy, and everything was going fine, and then the next day, he told me that he didn't want to be with me anymore. it broke my heart.. and i'm still waiting for him.. but thats anyother story for another time..
so yeah, i miss everyone so much! i'm still stuck in fremont and everyone else has moved on to bigger and better things.. like college. but at least i don't have to pay for anything! ha, i live for free still.. unlike all of you how chose to leave.. eat that! anyways..
so i really don't know what to talk about anymore, but i'm really bored. just sittin here at my sisters apartment, eating her food, watching her tv, and using her wireless internet (yet notice, it's still living for free!). basically i have no life.
oh yeah! so i finished my schooling for Cosmetology! actually, my last day was monday. i get the call tomorrow telling me when i have to go take the 'test' for my license... and guess what, it was free schooling! hell yeah!
so yeah, now i really think that i'm going to get going.. i feel like an idiot for still using this. haha but if anyone is still on here, let me know!
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