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well.. 9 days until i leave.. i'm kinda scared. i've never flown…

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well.. 9 days until i leave.. i'm kinda scared.
i've never flown alone before. and air ports make me nervous.
it's not that i don't like flyin, because i love it. but all the different hallyways look the same to me and i can't tell the difference between them or where i have to go.
i know i'll be fine because i can just ask for help if i need it, but i'm still a little nervous about it.

well, brandon delong comes home from korea in 5 days. it's exciting. i've known this kid since i was in 3rd grade.
funny story.. him and chad were pushing me back and forth (in 3rd grade) between each other.. chad was behind me and instead of pushing my back, he was 'push/punching' it. i started to cry and brooke went and got their mom. she chased them downstairs to their rooms with a spatula! she was like hitting them with it and it was so funny.. i guess you just had to be there lol.
i saw brandon like a couple days before he left and we just hung out at the sheppards house, ate and watched tv and such things.
all i know is that we definately have to play the game of life! lol i love that game!

i really miss tyler sheppard. i haven't seen or talked to him in about a month because we're both really busy with sports, him working and other friends. so i think i'm going to make a point to hang out with him sometime soon when he gets back from soccer camp.

gosh.. the last three days i was at cheerleading camp in shelby and now today i have to go and lay sod for the soccer team. and you know what, i don't care what you guys think about cheerleading, i'm fucking sore! we did so much crap that i can barely move my upper body..my legs aren't that bad.
one thing that i don't get about you people is why you always think that in cheerleading all you do is yell and clap. that is defiantely a bunch of bull shit! i'm sure that most of you people couldn't throw people into the air on any day that you feel the need. we seriously work so hard at what we do and all our school does is cut us down. we're not the steriotypical cheerleaders. that was the 50's. you people need to get a reality check. we work our asses of to win competitions and every year we're getting better. i don't see why some of you girls wont just come to one or two practices and see how you like it. if you don't then you can leave, but just be open minded.
thats the problem with fremont. all we support is fucking football, basketball and girls volleyball. if the rest of the school programs had half of the funding and support as those three sports had, we could be twice as good. but fremont wont.. and its a bunch of shit.

alright.. thats my bitching for this week!
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On July 25th, 2005 04:07 pm (UTC), 00hello_dolly00 commented:
all i know is when i was in cheerleading i was constantly talked about, just so much stress i didnt need.
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